estoppel by acquiescence

estoppel by acquiescence
Acquiescence is a species of estoppel. An estoppel arises where party aware of his rights sees other party acting upon mistaken notion of his rights. Injury accruing from one's acquiescence in another's action to his prejudice creates "estoppel". Lebold v. Inland Steel Co., C.C.A.I11., 125 F.2d 369, 375.
Passive conduct on the part of one who has knowledge of the facts may be basis of estoppel. Winslow v. Burns, 47 N.M. 29, 132 P.2d 1048, 1050.
It must appear that party to be estopped was bound in equity and good conscience to speak and that party claiming estoppel relied upon acquiescence and was misled thereby to change his position to his prejudice. Sherlock v. Greaves, 106 Mont. 206, 76 P.2d 87, 91.
See also estoppel

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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